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Artmaps and are complementary 'galleries' where an art-loving public can discover a world of contemporary art together with biographies and contact details of the many artists on them.


The Home Page slide show
 Only artists, galleries and artgroups that appear on our latest artmaps are represented in the Home Page slide show.

 All artists, galleries and artgroups are represented in the galleries area. Simply click on each name to reveal a gallery of images.

 This area also provides information and images relating to each contributor.

Artmaps can be viewed and downloaded
 Select the DOWNLOADS page from the menu to VIEW the latest artmap or DOWNLOAD an email friendly or print ready version to send to colleagues, friends and family.


There is more to than images. It is possible to buy the finest quality giclée prints and originals of many of the artworks shown here.


Giclée prints

If you see an image you especially like, click on it! It will open to a larger display and beneath it there may be opportunities to buy it as a print in various sizes or original work. Again, if you click on the 'plus' ikon beneath the image you can see an even larger version of the image. 

Giclée print quality 
This is as good as it gets. Colour accurate, high quality, UV lightfast inks printed on acid free cotton heavy weight paper and, unless stated otherwise, signed by the artist.

Giclée print payment & delivery 
Payment can be made at the click of a mouse (add to basket button) and include PayPal, Credit or Debit cards and cheque options. Please use whichever method is most convenient for you. It is important to complete accurate delivery address details in all cases. Please allow 10 days for delivery because each print is produced to order and arrangements made for signing before being sent to you.

Original artworks
 Purchase prices shown on do not include delivery costs because of variations in artwork sizes, weights and delivery address details. However, we are pleased to facilitate all transactions and full details will be provided to you for your consideration to help you make a final purchasing decision. Please contact us if you require any additional details or you wish to purchase any of the artworks shown on support request.

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